CS Metal


Raw Materials and Melt

Raw Material:

All incoming raw materials are purchased under strict specifications from approved suppliers. Scrapped rolls, purchased from customers, are fully scrutinized before usage.

Every charge build up for the melting furnaces is optimized through using special computer software, which selects the most suitable and cost effective raw material for each particular type of roll grade.


Melting Shop:

The melting process is carried out in induction furnaces. The melting equipment are as follow:

   •  Two 20-ton medium frequency induction furnaces
   •  One 8-ton medium frequency induction furnace
   •  Two 6-ton medium frequency induction furnaces
   •  One 3-ton medium frequency induction furnace
   •  One 2-ton medium frequency induction furnace
   •  Two 500 kg medium frequency induction furnaces
   •  One 500 kg medium frequency induction furnaces

The wide variety of furnaces offers full flexibility in production of rolls of different sizes and weights

Melting Process Control: 

Before taping and during the melt preparing process the chemical composition of all melts are checked by using

Emission Spectrometer and Carbon Sulfur analyzer.

Liquidus and taping temperatures are measured with immersion thermocouples.