CS Metal


Quality Control

QC & Laboratory
CSMETAL ISTANBUL has always dedicated a big part of its resources for the quality control of its products. All necessary quality checks and testing of manufacturing processes are carried out whether the process is Casting, Machining or Heat Treatment.

The melt chemical composition is frequently checked using an emission spectrometer and carbon analyzer ensuring conformity with the specifications.

Our laboratory checks the microstructure and hardness of shell and core materials in as cast condition and after the heat treatment. The ultrasonic test assures the absence of bonding failures and internal flaws. Our quality control ensures that the rolls meet the specification regarding hardness and hardness drop, microstructure, shell thickness and mechanical physical properties. We provide our customers with rolls that meet their stringent quality requirements.

All data are collected, processed, and documented in each stage of production and all process data are documented in CSMETAL ISTANBUL data base. Production certificate, which verifies product quality, is issued for every produced roll.